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5th Annual Lantern Parade

Lantern Parade 2013

A menagerie of lanterns at the 2013 Lantern Parade, photo by Naoya Wada The Lantern Parade is an annual event that celebrates the opening of Art of the Beltline exhibit. This colorful display began in 2010, the brainchild of former New Orleanian Chantelle Rytter, whose mission to bring out creativity and playfulness in all of us has exploded along with the beloved BeltLine it follows. In 2013, it's 4th year, an estimated mass of 10,000 people came out over the course of the evening to witness … [Read more...]

The Arts Take Center Stage On the BeltLine

Reynoldstown Our Town project

Public art -- both visual and performance -- has always been a fundamental component of the Atlanta BeltLine vision. Year five of the biannual Art on the BeltLine kicks off with The Lantern Parade this September 6. Over 240 proposals were vetted for artistic merit, concept originality, feasibility and community engagement with almost 100 visual and performance pieces selected. In similar news, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. has received a $100,000 National Endowment for the Arts Grant to build … [Read more...]

Specialty Clothing Shop Offers Commuter Cycling Swag


The Spindle rose from a passion for cycling from brothers Sharif and Ezz-Eldin Hassan.  In late 2012, after many rides and blown out jeans, they feverishly sought out cycling gear made for the everyday rider.  They really had to dig, though. In a world filled with kits, clunky shoes, and spandex, finding companies that specialize in the commuter side of the biking world was going to take some effort.  Sure, companies like Chrome had already made a name for themselves by offering messenger style … [Read more...]

BeltLine Etiquette: Being Polite Could Save Life & Limb

cyclists and pedestrians eastside trail

In the opening scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we learn something about trail etiquette from America’s most courteous and virtuous superhero. As a man is running on a trail around the National Mall we see the good Captain Steve Rogers suddenly blow past him at five times his pace. We watch him lap the man a total of three times, each time calling out “on your left!” as he zooms by at superhuman speeds. It’s something for those moving at the fastest speeds on the BeltLine to … [Read more...]

Will the BeltLine Birth New Pedestrianism?


Here’s some keen insight into the obvious: folks want to live in neighborhoods that are walkable and near bike paths. This trend is so pervasive it could actually change the way new neighborhoods are planned and built. Consider Highland Park on the BeltLine Eastside Trail. Demand for these homes has been astonishing, with bidding wars on every new home offered for sale. So prized is the site’s proximity to the BeltLine, the homes are being built facing the trail. This unique orientation of … [Read more...]

A Tale of Three Spoke Trails

3-Trails 5-2-14-lo

The BeltLine vision has always been about daisy-chaining communities. Turns out the original theme of connecting a loop of 45 historic intown Atlanta neighborhoods is just the beginning.  As the BeltLine evolves it is becoming the central hub of a multi-county spoke-and-hub trail network. Three significant spoke trails are in various stages of development that will connect intown Atlanta to places as far away as Anniston, AL. Here are some details on a triumvirate of unbuckled versions of the … [Read more...]

Ribbon Run 2014

Ribbon Run Check

Next time you’re on the Beltline, put on your customer-survey hat and ask a few folks this question: What’s the missing ingredient in Atlanta? The answers you’ll get will be entertaining!  You might hear about lower rent, less traffic, stronger also might hear about better connection, neighborly neighbors, safe streets, interdependent living -  in other words, community! Living in a true community where each resident is treasured is a dream for all of us.  The Atlanta Dream … [Read more...]

Eastside Trail Expanding Southward


Much to the relief of those of us south of Irwin St, the Edgewood Ave. bridge is still on track to reopen by the end of April. Once again residents of Inman Park, Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown will be connected to the rest of Atlanta west and north of us without having to do some crazy zig zag route via streets like Airline and Ezzard. Best of all, it’ll be simple again to bike to Miso Izakaya, Lotta Frutta, Church or any of the numerous restaurants and bars along Edgewood once we can ride over … [Read more...]

My BeltLine Sojourn of ’94


In his remarks at the BeltLine Eastside Trail dedication, Mayor Kasim Reed expressed mock surprise at not uncovering dead bodies while clearing the former rail corridor. For too many years it was that sort of urban wilderness, a scary place where only outlaws and the homeless would go. This I know from a sojourn down those tracks in the spring of 1994, No, I did not imagine that morning rails-to-trails redevelopment, a distinction belonging to Ryan Gravel. My selfish purpose had more to do with … [Read more...]

New Horizons: Adair Park and the Southwest Trail


Let me just say from the outset that I’m a park guy. I devote a lot of energy to preserving old and establishing new greenspace in the urban landscape. The BeltLine is a linear park, so you'll understand my affinity. When I moved to the Old Fourth Ward in 2004, the BeltLine was a vision, but the reality was a corridor covered in kudzu – wrong kind of greenspace. Parts of the neighborhood had begun to show some life, but from where I lived a walk to Cabbagetown was the closest beer. Edgewood … [Read more...]