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Ribbon Run 2014

Ribbon Run Check

Next time you’re on the Beltline, put on your customer-survey hat and ask a few folks this question: What’s the missing ingredient in Atlanta? The answers you’ll get will be entertaining!  You might hear about lower rent, less traffic, stronger also might hear about better connection, neighborly neighbors, safe streets, interdependent living -  in other words, community! Living in a true community where each resident is treasured is a dream for all of us.  The Atlanta Dream … [Read more...]

Eastside Trail Expanding Southward


Much to the relief of those of us south of Irwin St, the Edgewood Ave. bridge is still on track to reopen by the end of April. Once again residents of Inman Park, Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown will be connected to the rest of Atlanta west and north of us without having to do some crazy zig zag route via streets like Airline and Ezzard. Best of all, it’ll be simple again to bike to Miso Izakaya, Lotta Frutta, Church or any of the numerous restaurants and bars along Edgewood once we can ride over … [Read more...]

My BeltLine Sojourn of ’94


In his remarks at the BeltLine Eastside Trail dedication, Mayor Kasim Reed expressed mock surprise at not uncovering dead bodies while clearing the former rail corridor. For too many years it was that sort of urban wilderness, a scary place where only outlaws and the homeless would go. This I know from a sojourn down those tracks in the spring of 1994, No, I did not imagine that morning rails-to-trails redevelopment, a distinction belonging to Ryan Gravel. My selfish purpose had more to do with … [Read more...]

New Horizons: Adair Park and the Southwest Trail


Let me just say from the outset that I’m a park guy. I devote a lot of energy to preserving old and establishing new greenspace in the urban landscape. The BeltLine is a linear park, so you'll understand my affinity. When I moved to the Old Fourth Ward in 2004, the BeltLine was a vision, but the reality was a corridor covered in kudzu – wrong kind of greenspace. Parts of the neighborhood had begun to show some life, but from where I lived a walk to Cabbagetown was the closest beer. Edgewood … [Read more...]

P3 Could Fast Track Streetcars on the BeltLine


Atlanta’s very first electric streetcar was an entirely private venture. Joel Hurt owned some dirt outside the city that he developed into Inman Park, Atlanta’s first planned subdivision. In 1886 Hurt connected Inman Park to his Equitable Building, Atlanta’s first downtown skyscraper, with a streetcar that ran east and west on Edgewood Avenue. The Atlanta and Edgewood Street Railway Company would claim yet another first as America’s first profitable streetcar line. The era of the … [Read more...]

Experiencing the BeltLine From Inside and Out

Art ghosts on Eastside Trail

Whether Biking, Walking or Taking a Bus tour, the BeltLine is an amazing journey You know how things come in bunches? Like all of the sudden a name comes up in conversation several times in one day that is from totally unrelated people. Well that’s what happened to me with the BeltLine. I of course have known about all the progress on the Beltline from all the press releases and e-mail updates I get from the BeltLine folks all the time. After all, Southeast Green has become a destination … [Read more...]

ATL Snow Jam ’14: Another Case For Walkable Intown Living


As I walked to my meeting at Condesa Coffee, I noticed that the accumulating snow was starting to get slippery. Not a big surprise, I thought, as the temperature was dropping fast. Less than an hour into my meeting the Barista said that they were closing early, due to worsening travel conditions. That’s when I noticed the stalled traffic on Boulevard, waiting to get on the 75/85 Downtown Connector. As it turned out, many of those drivers would have been better off not using the Interstate … [Read more...]

Historic Fourth Ward Park, Meet Eastside Trail


Although they're only separated by a couple hundred feet, Historic Fourth Ward Park and the BeltLine Eastside Trail have seemed worlds apart due to steep and brambled topography, fences, the ruins of an old railroad trestle, and a cave dwelling troll. Just kidding about the troll. There is simply no direct way for those enjoying the 12 acre park, playground, and pond to access the linear park that is the Eastside Trail, or vice versa. That is soon to be remedied with a "gateway" trail. The … [Read more...]

Atlanta BeltLine Bicycle Shop

ABBS exterior party

Location, location, location – we’ve all heard that joke and Atlanta Beltline Bicycle Shop (ABBS) is LOL. Every day the Eastside Trail of the Beltline is heavily used by active urbanites. Some of these urban travelers are bringing bicycling back to the ATL. In the late 19th century there were more bike shops on Peachtree Road than banks. Bike races at the velodrome were bigger than baseball with the Atlanta Crackers, and ladies and gents rode their bicycles out to picnics and parties. Today … [Read more...]

Household Hazards Don’t Take a Holiday…So CYA


CYA – Means? “You did what? Backed the car into the garage, AGAIN?!”  Joan groaned as she sunk into disbelief. “Things happened….” as Cal launched into a story involving dogs, kids and a cell phone. Does this sound familiar to you?  Like Joan and Cal, do you have unattended repairs at your home that have become family lore or patina?  Have those repairs become too expensive or too bothersome?  We help you find the money to repair property from all kinds of accidents. CYA means CALL YOUR … [Read more...]